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     Since 1984, we offer an endless selection of the finest gold, platinum and diamond jewelry available.  From classic engagement rings to the most unique creations, that are customized and personalized just for you.  Precious, semi-precious gems and diamonds of every shape, size and color imaginable, come together in the most dazzling and exciting designs that you will treasure and pass down for generations. 

     Our handpicked craftsmen fashion everlasting, wearable works of art. Using only the highest quality metals, selecting and hand setting just the right stone into it's proper place to create each piece of stunning jewelry.  The sky is the limit, if you can imagine it . . . we can create it!  Let us bring to you, your next amazing treasure. 






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Find the perfect gift for you, or anyone...

One of a Kind, Unique Items

Find original, "only one like it" treasures, that are as unique and individual as you are. 

Design and create the perfect piece to match any personality and style.  Treat yourself or loved one to a personalized gift by designing a nameplate for a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings. 

Custom Made and Personalized Pieces

     You deserve elegance and excellence in everything you wear and in all that you give.  We offer stunning and unique adornments that will be treasured and passed down for generations.  

     With Golden Chariot Innovative Jewelry, we know you want to treat yourself and others with only superior quality pieces that are as beautiful and special as their owners. 

Welcome to Golden Chariot Innovative Jewelry Inc!