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Hard to find statues, rare dolls and limited edition figurines are part of our family, here for you to bring home to become part of your family.  Mint condition collectibles complete your shopping experience with Golden Chariot.  Please, browse through our delightful characters, enjoy their whimsy and add to or begin your collection today.

Your treasures have needs too, you'll want to keep them sparkling clean, beautiful and safe.  We can supply you with all of your jewelry necessities from top to bottom.  Cleansers, polishing cloths and ultrasonic machines, all of your jewelry cleaning needs and the information about these products can be found here.  With such a wide range of cleansing materials available today; from natural, organic, environmentally friendly solutions to more strident and stronger, professional strength chemicals, let us help you find what works best for you.  And because you can't wear all of your adornments at once, you will need to put them in a home of their own.  Tuck them away in a lovely jewelry box or set them out to admire on a display.  

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